Delta Instore was tasked with conceiving a spray paint unit that stands out from other gondola products in stores, takes up minimal space and displays an extended colour range. We came up with a branded rotator. The outcome was very successful enabling the stores to place the units in high movement areas without taking up…

Home Mark

The client briefed Delta Instore to create a sturdy branded powerwing fixture for the gondolas in Game stores to carry different products nationwide. Using a custom perforation and slatwall pattern, we were able to utilise 5 different fixtures for their products, including shelves, hooks, shelf talkers, tracking hooks and bar code runners.


Delta Instore was tasked with producing island displays for JetMart stores nationwide. A major challenge was to save on distribution and transport for the client. We came up with a custom modular frame and shelving system consisting of 5 pieces that can be easily assembled, without nuts or bolts, and can be easily set up in…


Panasonic approached us to develop displays for their range of products in South Africa to increase their brand presence and drive sales. The categories include batteries, air conditioners, security cameras, electric shavers and microwave ovens, to name a few. Every category resulted in higher returns and a much better visual presence in stores with Panasonic…


The client briefed us to design and produce displays to stand out from gondola shelving and securely stock their line of hardware products. We provided a rotating solution with custom colours to match the clients packaging. Security caps and magnetic keys were also added to prevent pilfering in stores.